Drum roll please…..

Okay, so I’m sitting under my steamer right now, totally psyched about a new hair mask I found at my fave local Indian grocer…I swear I’m not a product junkie, but I am in love with hair masks.

If the name and packaging look familiar, it’s because a lot of us love Vatika oil! Well, this is Dabur’s Vatika Egg Protein Deep Conditioning Hair Mask with egg protein, honey, marrow protein and more! It  comes in a huge jar for just $6.99. It has the most amazing floral smell and kind of looks like thick, goopy lemon custard.
As usual, I didn’t read the directions, but you’re supposed to use it as post-wash treatment.While applying it to my hair, sections I’d already applied it to wear dripping and oozing with oil. While under the steamer, my hair literally feels like silk.I can’t wait to see how it turns out! I might even skip the shampoo (I only use my homemade shampoo which is chocked full of oils) and just…gasp…co-wash! But, I might not even do that as the directions suggest rinsing it out of your hair with water. Considering how dry my hair was this week and the lack of product in my hair, that might just suffice, just this once at least! This definitely gets two coils up and will be added as a staple!
In other notes, I’m also super excited to get back to mixing…if I ever find the time. I scored a pound of cupuacu butter this week at a really great price so I’m eager to make some hair butter with that very, very soon!
My hair dryer, mentioned in the prior post, still has not arrived so stay tuned for a full review!
Also, check this out and please participate if you can…
Do you have any GENTLY USED or NEW  natural hair products that’s just sitting on the shelves collecting dust?  You don’t want to throw it away but it just doesn’t work for you and you don’t really know what to do with it?  Well, due to a genius idea presented by one of our very own, HAT has decided to start a drive in support of our naturalista’s deployed overseas who are unable to get their hands on products. Any natural hair products that you can think of that will be of benefit to someone else will be gladly accepted. NEW OR USED!!!
Starting next week, Hairs a Thought (HAT) on Facebook  will provide a PO BOX for all gently used or new natural hair products to be mailed to so in the meantime get your stash together. HAT will generate a list of naturalista’s deployed overseas and will disperse the products donated to those individuals who want to participate in the program as a way to show our support for those who are fighting for our country with fabulous curls, kinks and waves. Want to be a part of the movement? THEN DONATE!! All donations are welcomed. So get your donations together for the drive and let’s make this a successful one fam!!!
There’s a reason why the HAT fam is notorious for helping others…..because we know how to come together for the common good and provide assistance and advice like no other! So lets show ’em how we do it! DONATE! DONATE! DONATE!
Help me spread the word by posting this note on your wall, your friends wall, groups and other pages and lets make this an AWESOME drive!!!
  • Shea Butter Like Whoa
  • Jamaican Lime and Mango

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