Okay, so it’s been a while since my last post, but quite a bit’s changed. I’ll be getting back to my hair discussions soon, especially since Pura Body Naturals was kind of enough to send me full-size samples of scented butters and hair milks. I love, love, love their stuff, so I’m really excited to give these a whirl. I’m just waiting for it to warm up so I can wear my hair loose again…it’s been in twists for almost two months. Don’t panic. I do take them down and wash my hair every week. 🙂

Now, on to the good stuff!!!!! My DIY diet and exercise program “were” working and I actually dropped 10 pounds the first week. But, when I went to the gym, my fitness test weighed me in at two pounds MORE than what I originally started. My BMI was pretty awful, too. But, I wasn’t as in bad of shape as I thought!
So, I grabbed a few books, learned what I could and have officially restarted my weight loss plan TODAY! I must say, just cutting way down on some carbs, my daily fix for sodium and sugar, and bad fats has made a huge difference. I also was practicing portion control, and forcing myself to eat more than once or twice a day, AND to drink water. I can honestly say, it might not show on the outside but I know my insides are changing. For instance, I tend to break out around “Aunt Flo’s” visit and my sugar cravings also go sky high. I’ve had not a single PMS symptom since tweaking my eating habits. I also have more energy and I feel light and bouyant.
So today, I started the beginning of a 51-day plan to restart my metabolism in conjunction with continuing my hot yoga sessions twice a week, and adding strength training and toning two to three times a week. So far, some of the best resources I’ve found are…
I love, love, love this book. It shows healthier alternatives to fast food and restaurant fare, amazing recipes (one of which we tried tonight and loved), and it still allows you to eat what you want, but within reason.
I also love this book…
It’s all about shifting your caloric intake every 17 days. It starts out slow and rather tasteless when it comes to your initial meals. But if you stick with it, you can learn how to eat in proportion while losing mad weight AND still eat what you want on the weekends! Once I reach my ideal weight of dropping 40 pounds, I will be using the aforementioned book to enjoy my weekend foods.
More than anything, though, I’m proud of myself for learning how to reduce my daily sodium and sugar consumption. Now, let the pounds fall where they may…as long as they’re not landing on me!!!!!

One thought on “Amazing!

  1. This is awesome! and big congrats to you! I wish you tons of success in your weightloss goal. I have also been giving working out and healthier eating habits a try. I may just pick up the books you've mentioned here. Thanks a bunch for sharing them with us:) continued success, and keep us posted. take care.zainab1(formerly of AuNaturale)

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