Exotic Products

Okay, so today is wash day and I’ve tried something new. I just got my samples from http://www.purabodynaturals.com and decided to twist my hair with the Amazon Hair and Body Butter.

The Amazon Hair and Body Butter has a light, clean citrus-like smell, and the texture is a thick cream that softens-without melting-in the hands. There are, however, little beads of hardened butter in the cream, but I just put those back in the jar. Essentially, this butter is made of MuruMuru, a Brazilian tree butter. I also have some of Pura Body Natural’s MuruMuru Hair Milk and some unrefined MuruMuru butter from another source that I plan to use in the near future.
If the Amazon Hair and Body Butter works as well as I think/hope it will, I will be replacing my (gasp) shea butter with this, cupuacu butter and other oils and butters. So far, so good. Similar to my Sheacoco Whip, the Amazon Hair and Body Butter softened my hair, but unlike shea butter, it did not weigh my hair down or leave behind a grease-like residue. I have high hopes for this butter and will report my results once my hair is dry.

3 thoughts on “Exotic Products

  1. I can not wait to hear your results! I just recieved and did a unofficial review over @ AuNaturale of the hair milk. So far so good, I will have final results for two of my daughters hair who are natural plus mine. And we all have different hair types.I want to purchase a sample of her butters but will wait to her from you first. Thanks for sharing this. Take care.zainab1AuNaturale007.blogspot.com

  2. Thank you so much for doing an honest recommendation of this. I’m always skeptical of reviews when the product was given to the reviewer. I’ve been wondering about these products, but I just can’t bring myself to spend the money on them. Looks like I’ll pass on this one.

  3. Thanks, guys. I too am skeptical of reviews that are given for that purpose. As a former reporter, I don't believe in that practice. But, I am happy to report that the Amazon Hair and Body Butter works! My hair was shiny and bouncy this morning, super soft and smelled delicious. Based on how it feels, I suspect I'll be moisturized for the week! Since I bought the sample sizes and did twists with mine, I didn't even use half the little jar and expect to get three or four uses out of my sample jar so it's a good deal. I highly recommend Pura Body Naturals' Amazon Hair and Body Butter.

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