Almost…But No Cigar

Mucho kudos to Essence magazine for releasing it’s “Hot Hair” special issue. After all these years, they’re finally catching on.

I was getting some groceries and picked this up on a whim. As usual, I wasn’t expecting it to amount to much, especially since the cover touts to have several natural hair features, but you know how Essence is when it comes to natural hair, LOL.
But, I was pleasantly surprised by this little rag and even read a few of the articles from beginning to end. If I take away nothing else, I treasure the numerous natural hair photos, some of the ads for new products I was unaware of, and tips and tricks of the trade.
This is a pretty good beginning effort on Essence’s part and I look forward to more from them on the hair tip. They seem to finally be heading in the right direction. Not there yet, but they’re getting there.
This issue gets two coils up.

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