Sue Maesta Hooded Headband

A dear family friend purchased and sent me the Sue Maesta Hooded Headband I’ve been wanting for the past several months. I don’t know if it was self-imposed hype of this product, but when it arrived, I was a little disappointed.

The headband resembles the top of a pair of cut-off tights and is approximately the same texture too. It took me a few tries to figure out how to put it on properly, but even after wearing it around the house, I still had a sour taste in my mouth (I hate being disappointed).
I tried to wear this as a headband, suitable for public viewing, but it’s not strong enough to hold my hair into a presentable position. I’d have been better off wrapping toilet paper around my head-a slight exaggeration. I also tried wearing it at night to protect my twist out. While it did work, it wasn’t cute. Prior to going to sleep, the headband, stretched over all of my hair, stuck straight out like Olive Oyl’s ponytail in those old Popeye cartoons. When I woke up in the morning, I looked like a Conehead and having a beige Sue Maesta didn’t help, LOL.
The Sue Maesta Hooded Headband is okay, but don’t hold your breath. The only benefit is it did hold my twist out in place so I suppose it’s pretty good to protect your hairstyle. Beyond that, no coils up for this one.

2 thoughts on “Sue Maesta Hooded Headband

  1. I had never heard of it until now. Sorry to hear it didnt work out for you. Thanks for the great and honest review. Take care:)

  2. Hi there:I recently purchased lock socks. I believe they were developed off of the same panty hose prototype as the Sue Maestra hood band. They were used initially for dred locks. The material used is firmer than tights & there are Youtube videos on how to use them as well. They seem more sturdy than the Sue Maestra product & I use them to protect my hair at home & as a headband when I'm out. Check it out on Youtube,,

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