The Skinny on My Skin

I recently received free samples of something called Gen-m from a Facebook friend who sells Zija products. If you’re unfamiliar with Zija, it’s a company which makes and distributes skin care, weight management and nutritional health drinks made from the Moringa plant or “Miracle Tree.” I believe Moringa initially was used to treat childhood blindness.

In addition to getting free samples of the entire 5-step Gen-m system, I also got a few samples of Zija’s nutritional drink mix and herbal tea. At the moment, I’m trying out the skin care system and so far, I’m rather impressed.
The Gen-m system is comprised of the Creamy Face Cleanser, Rehydrating Mist, Daily Moisturizer SPF 15, Anti-Aging Night Repair, Eye Serum and Zija Oil. There also is a Spa Masque, but I didn’t receive a sample of that. I tried the Creamy Face Cleanser, Rehydrating Mist and Zija Oil. I’m not into high maintenance, so i doubt I’d use all the products every single day, but these three…I’d use.
The facial cleanser is indeed very slick and creamy. It’s also odorless and has a very light green color. I didn’t need more than a dime-size amount, but my face was almost squeaky clean and soft after rinsing. I then applied the Rehydrating Mist, a toner, which was clear and odorless. My face felt…refreshed. Last, was the Zija Oil, a dark gold liquid that also is odorless. I applied a dime-size amount and was amazed at the results. In comparison to grapeseed oil which leaves my face oily, I love the Zija Oil. My skin absorbed it quickly, my hands were oil free after application, and six hours later, my face is not oily! My face is always oily, but I think there might be something to this Zija Oil. 
I think this is a facial care system I can get used to, easily. And, if these products can keep my face oil-free, I’m game. Zija’s skin care system gets two coils up!

One thought on “The Skinny on My Skin

  1. ADDENDUM: If anyone knows me, they know I always do my research. I did do more research on moringa oil and powder, and have decided to simply purchase both from a natural foods source. They are a tenth less expensive than Zija's products.

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