Ingredients on the Endangered Species List

I don’t want to bash products, but I recently learned there’s yet another product on the market that I beg you not to use. I ask that you not use this product because it contains baobab oil. This oil comes from the baobab tree which, just like the argan tree, is on the endangered species list. Baobab oil contains Vitamins A, C, D, E and F, but there are plenty of other sources to obtain these vitamins. Why contribute to the plight of the baobab tree for something you can pick up at your local grocery or health food store?

As naturals, how can we claim to be ingredient-conscience but use products derived from the endangered species list? The baobab and argan trees wouldn’t be endangered anyway if there wasn’t such high demand for these oils in the western market. WE are the western market. WE caused this problem. It’s up to US to stop it.
Please spread the word. I am. I have written to Target and Shea Moisture. Please note, Shea Moisture also sells a product containing argan oil. The argan tree also is on the endangered species list.

9 thoughts on “Ingredients on the Endangered Species List

  1. I wrote Target, Shea Moisture, Curlymart. Target responded and is looking into this. I also am working on a full article to ship around to some magazines. But, the bonus is I found the WORLD's largest supplier of baobab products. They are next on my list, especially since baobabs in all parts of the world are endangered.

  2. Wow, what an eye opener! I have never once thought about checking to see if any of my natural products contained ingredients from the endangered list. This really gave me something to think about, before I make my next purchase. Keep up the good work sis!

  3. I have an article I wrote about this. I think a brief version might be published somewhere soon, but there are three ingredients on the endangered species list that are rather popular amongst us. Stay tuned!

  4. Target's response:Dear Robbin Melton,Thanks for telling us your thoughts on Target selling Shea Moisture Yucca & Aloe Volumizing Shampoo at your local Target.Your concerns are important, and although I can't promise we'll stop carrying this item, I'll let our Buying team know that you'd like to see off our shelves.At Target, it's all about having what you're shopping for at a great value. With your comments in mind, we'll keep working hard to bring you the unique merchandise that fits your lifestyle.Thanks for letting us know how we can make your Target experience even better.Sincerely,DylanTarget Guest 440-0680[THREAD ID:1-7JKK1C]

  5. Note: Target's web site mislabeled this product as Shea Moisture Yucca & Aloe Volumizing Shampoo. I did not complain about this product. I complained about the Shea Moisture Yucca and Baobab Thickening Shampoo.

  6. Your intentions are good but your information is wrong. Your research should be much more thorough before you denounce the use of a product.A person who reads a few books is dangerous, a person who reads many is enlightened.Most of the ingredients you post are endangered but usually not from cultivating the ingredient. @Napfrocurlzgirl you posted on Brown Girl Beauty for people not to use Argan Oil. You are hurting, not helping. The tree is endangered from overgrazing by goats and being chopped down for firewood. UNESCO which is a United Nations organization that promotes shared knowledge and cultural awareness, and companies like Creme of Nature are promoting this ingredient to promote awareness and help save the tree.

  7. There are eight different species of baobob, one of them is maybe endangered. The juries still out on that one. However, raising awareness and educating people about the tree is important. You are correct about the Baobob needing to be under watch but again, its like you hear something and go ham. Please, do more research because it seems that you have a good heart but you are taking a small amount of information and running with it.

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