Product Review

At long last, I was able to get my hands on this. Most people seem to use another product, but I wanted to try this. I love the name of the company and that their products target kinky hair. First, this product has a great, clean scent and a little bit goes a long way. It also has a pump which made it easier for me to use the product while doing my twists. Finished twists were soft and shiny, but a few were hard and crunchy. I spritzed with water to help soften the crunch. If I continue to buy commercial, this definitely will be a staple. Two coils up!

I have been dying to try this out and so far, I’m sold. An instant two coils up! Unlike traditional castor oil, this has no smell. One might assume it also is black, but it’s more of an amber color. This is now part of my weekly regimen as it is purported to thicken the hair and aid in hair growth. 

I really wanted to like these, but alas, I don’t. My hair felt kind of funny after I rinsed out the shampoo. It wasn’t stripped, but it definitely didn’t feel moisturized as I thought it would. The conditioner, however, is great and almost comparable to my old stand-by, LeKair Cholesterol with Aloe. It also provides great slip and has a nice smell. If I were to continue to buy commercial, I’d definitely get the conditioner again but not the shampoo.

This is some pretty awesome stuff. For less than $2, and an hour under a plastic cap and towel, my hair felt marvelous.

I’ve always used a detangler, but never the same one twice. After using this, I think I’ve found my detangler. It has great slip, pleasant smell and is very creamy. And, a little bit goes a long way. This gets two coils up!


2 thoughts on “Product Review

  1. GOOD ONES! and a few are staples in my regimen…I love . love, love curly magic will use no other gel, I have been using this one for a while now.Hello hydration conditioner…love it! I was using this for co-washes but recently decided on no cones so I had to discontinue use ..but really is awesome!Knot today…I loooove this leave-in I just started using this little number and I looove it, this is also a keeper for me as well. Have you tried kim on you tubes recipe for this….it is great and with those added ingredients it makes the knot today even better. here is her link to the recipe that doesnt work , let me know I have it written down.Great reviews! take

  2. LOL, I love Kimmaytube and plan to try out some of her Knot Today recipes. And, I truly was amazed at the Curly Magic. I can't wait to take out my twists to see the final results…and I will post pix.

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