Relief is in Sight

Okay, so I’ve really been doing some research this past week and it’s all good!

I made my first shampoo and absolutely love it! Since I like to wash with more than one shampoo, I also purchased a bottle of Organix Shea Butter Smoothing Shampoo and it is wonderful. A lot of natties like this company’s coconut shampoo and conditioner, but I decided to try the shea butter one instead because it also contains avocado oil (which my hair has always loved), silk amino and yogurt proteins. In my own shampoo, I mixed up some water, Dr. Bronner’s liquid Castille Soap with Tea Tree Oil, and some Lisa’s Hair Elixer from Carol’s Daughter. It was super watery and I was concerned it wouldn’t work well, but it lathered up quite a bit and a girl does like her bubbles!
 I also made an appointment with a barber to get my hair shaped next week. It’s been so long since anyone’s been in my hair, I’m rather nervous.
More goodies to add are the “Textured Tresses” book by Diane De Costa. I HIGHLY recommend it. I picked up my copy at B&N. Diane’s book covers hair types, treatments and styles. Very informative, I just wish it were longer. I also snagged a pick (still learning how to use it) and a huge double-toothed detangling shower comb from Sally’s Beauty Supply.
And, next week I will be ordering my Jamaican Black Castor Oil, Kinky-Curly’s Knot Today and Uncle Funky’s Daughter’s Curling Magic, and picking up a tub of pure shea butter.
Happy hair, folks!

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